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The Bike for Trail & Allmountain

Fast, agile and playful trail bikes are a must have these days. Our short-travel trail bike LITE290 with 130 mm of travel is the perfect bike for your local trails and all-day exploring adventures. It definitely will tame every technical mountain and flowtrail on your next bikeride!

Our LITE290 fills exactly this category. It benefits from all our experiences with our Dash fullsuspension and Zero hardtail frames and countless rides and tests.
And of course it includes all those experiences and impressions that we could collect personally, through our CrossWorx RADT factory team or through our lovely customers.

We have combined already approved and tested features with new DNA. Conified tubes, a new link and a nimble and fun geometry are just a few new ingredients for our new modell.
Of course, we remain true to our philosophy – modern steering angles combined with a steep seat angle and low center of gravity.

Handmade in Germany – Manufactured Performance

The Lite presents itself with a clean look. In addition to the familiar features which can be found on the big brother Dash too (for example internally routed cables, integrated post mount, double sealed bearings), there are some new and interesting features:

Long(er) dropper posts and optimized tube sets

For more freedom of movement and the use of longer DropperPosts, the sizes S + M also comes without seat tube gusset, the sizes L and XL have a smaller gusset compared to the bigger brother DASH.
With optimized tubes in the frame and rear we could further reduce the frame weight by 200 grams.

Trail bike geometry as a guarantee for fun

The geometry got adapted to the requirements of the intended use of modern trail bikes. The Lite is designed around 140 mm travel in the front and generates a 66° steering angle with a seat angle of 78 °.
If you want to ride the Lite with 150 mm fork , you end up with a steering angle of 65.5 °.

New Link 

We’ve completely redesigned the Link of our LITE Trailbike to match the demands of a modern trail bike. Compared to the Dash, the Link has become little bit longer. The platform is thereby more active, because at the beginning of the suspension travel is a higher travel ratio. Towards the end of the travel, the progression increases more than on the Dash, which underlines the trail character of the new Lite.Positive side effect: the already very drive-neutral LITE becomes even more drive-neutral.
The shock length is 210x50mm in metric sized and optimized for the use of air shocks.

Details and storage options
We have further developed our previous chainguard, which now got adapted to our complete modell range.
The soft chainguard is made from the material TPU and 3-D printed to protect even better, while having even more noise damping.
For all the riders out there, which love to carry large water bottles, the LITE offers two bottlecage mounts, which generates several options for storages (bottles, toolsets etc) for a long time in the saddle.

Framekits, fullbuilds and deliverytimes

We offer our LITE as a frame kit or fullbike in our configurator on our homepage.
Beside the aluminum raw look (surface polished), you have the choice between 6 colors – of course without any upcharge for the paint.
In addition, the frame kit and complete bike offer a number of choices for suspension and parts.Special colors, custom frames and special specs can of course still be requested.
Short delivery times are extremely important to us. Because we all hate waiting for our new bike to come…
Through a regional production, good supply chain, we can assemble and deliver our frames & bikes in a few days. And of course, we ship worldwide.
Our LITE290 is available now and can already be ordered through our webshop. Prices start at 2.100 € for the frame kit or 4.739 € for the complete bike without german VAT.

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